Introduction of corporation


SHANDONG XIANGYU CHEMICAL FEBER CO.,LTD Was founded in 1987, is specialized in production of chemical fiber industry products of the enterprises. The company covers an area of 300,000 square meters , and a building area of 20 million square meters.the existing staff of more than 2,000 people, with total assets of 13.7 billion yuan.

We have 11 production line of the advanced level,All kinds of advanced equipment 960 sets. Main products: nylon 6 industrial chips , with an annual production of 50000 tons, nylon 6 civil chips with an annual output of 20,000 tons 。 nylon-6 industral yarn specification, with an annual productionof 50000 tons, The nylon 6 tyre cord fabric, with an annual production of 50000 tons, its product has formed six series 60 various specifications, Sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions 。

Shandong xiangyu always pegged to the development of science and technology of chemical fiber industry, adhere to scientific and technological innovation and technological progress, and has established the close cooperation relations with the colleges and research unit , also we have established a long-term and stable relationship with several large-scale enterprise group for the development of scientific research,that made xiangyu to become the largest production base of jiangbei fiber with the development and experiment.In 2008, sales income of 2.5 billion yuan, tax turnover 300 million yuan.

Standing in the new starting point, to realize the new development, the goal of xiangyu company is to be more bigger and stronger,and the enterprise will be today's first-class modern chemical industrial production base .

2009 we will grab the opportunity, accelerate development, enterprise scale expands unceasingly, increasing investment and investment of RMB 800 million in annual 30,000 tons of new high-speed spinning nylon 6 tyre cord fabric,polyamide step of 1,000 tons of ultra-high molecular polyethylene fiber, annual 30,000 tons of nylon 6 civil chips modification, 200,000 sets of photovoltaic power series products, invest 280 million yuan of the pharmaceutical industry and so on six project, strive to 2010 sales income is 5 billion, profit and 600 million yuan, the company achieved sales revenue 3 years 10 billion yuan, tax turnover, 15 billion yuan.


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